Welcome to Jedi

An Open-Access Server for all APANA Sydney Members

Striving for a secure long-term future in an insecure short-term world

Located in Waterfall, NSW, Australia, and Operated by Craig Dewick

Welcome to APANA Sydney

Jedi is part of the Sydney Region of the Australian Public Access Network Association

A compassionate Jedi Master
sees more in others than most,
but he
shuns consensus and follows his own path
despite the consequences.

Looking for the Core Matrix Foundation site? It's moved...

Dial-Up Network Access and Related Services

This system is a member-access server for use by APANA Sydney region members who wish to use dial-up access and other member-focused services that this system provides. Along with providing dial-up access to APANA Sydney members, the system also provides WWW proxy, Usenet-style newsgroups, email, DNS, secure shell and web-hosting services for personal use by members.

Waterfall Rural Fire Brigade

Website & Domain Hosting for Non-Profit Organisations

Website and domain hosting for non-profit organisations is handled on a seperate dedicated server. If you represent a non-profit organisation, check out the details of our website hosting services and compare to commercial ISP's and hosting providers.

For an example of the type of website that can be hosted by us, please visit the Waterfall Rural Fire Brigade's website. Waterfall RFB is, like APANA, completely operated by volunteers to provide fire-fighting, protection and prevention services to the town of Waterfall and surrounding areas. I have been an active member of the brigade since October 2001, and my wife Tiffany is also a member.

APANA Member Support

The APANA Member Support Area provides technical support and other information for APANA Sydney members who use Jedi as their network connection point.

Config and setup information for setting up your machine to use Jedi's news, mail, proxy and domain name servers, along with PPP configuration.

Member home pages. An index to home pages for APANA Sydney members who use Jedi.

server statistics Links to databases and graphs of statistical and other day-to-day operational data.

APANA Info Links

the Australian Public Access Network Association
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Main APANA Sydney website

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Information Index

My local network plays host to a growing collection of web pages and page groups that cover a variety of different topic areas - some of which may interest you. The following list presents just a small collection of what is available from here:

- Links to other sites who have broadly similar goals to APANA, and sources of high-quality Australian-made IT hardware and software.

- Details about the hardware and software used here and on the other machines which make up my local network.

- Interesting things to do & places to explore around my local network.

- To view a more comprehensive list of all the information that I have online (not just material hosted here on Jedi), the Lios main page is the best place to go.

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